For over 80 years produce carrying the AuerPak® Brand label has consistently delivered freshness time and time again. What’s our secret? There really is none, but what we can tell you is we start by procuring the highest quality produce the earth has to offer from the finest growers and distributers. Those are not just some empty words, we have the documentation to back it up. The produce you see in the package has been inspected carefully numerous times so you know what you’re getting is purely the product you’re looking for and nothing else. That’s how we do things and that’s what the AuerPak Brand has stood for and will continue to stand for years to come.



Delivering the highest quality produce to our customers is a commitment we gladly invest in but it’s not our only one. At the AuerPak Brand, we also make a commitment to all of our associates with on-going training, providing a safe, clean working environment, and by offering good paying jobs and benefits across all departments. We’re also committed to preserving the outside environment by lowering our overall waste and recycling, reusing and repurposing any by-products we can. And lastly, we’re committed to one of our local food banks, Table-to-Table to help those less fortunate with a variety of produce. We’re proud of all of our commitments because they’re at the heart of who we are as a company.