Garlic Products


Garlic is the perfect complement to many foods. Whether it’s turning an ordinary loaf of bread into something everyone will clamor for to dressing up a salad or adding a little extra zest, garlic is something no kitchen should be without. Sometimes referred to as the stinking rose because of its pungent smell, garlic is a super food that does wonders for the body. What makes the AuerPak brand so special is the rigorous inspection and handling process each head goes through before it’s sealed and packed to ensure the highest standards of quality and freshness.


Garlic. A tasty history. Garlic has a history of people consuming it dating back several thousands of years. It first began sprouting in the Central Asia and Northeastern Iran regions. The rich topography and soil there made for ideal conditions for it to literally burst onto the scene. It became so sought after, that garlic was no longer just a regional phenomenon. It spread far and wide including to the Ancient Egyptians. And from their culture it got passed down throughout the ages to become the common seasoning ingredient worldwide that it is today.


There’s more to garlic than just taste. Anyone who’s ever tried garlic can testify to its amazing taste. Just mention this super ingredient and people’s mouths begin to water. But what many are not aware of is garlic’s incredible health benefits. In fact, some of the less well-studied sulfur compounds in garlic have been linked to improving overall cardiovascular health. Now that doesn’t mean you should skip exercising, but what it does mean is that including garlic in your diet, like using it instead of salted butter for instance, can do wonders for your body.

Garlic stays fresher longer while stored at 28 to 30 degrees.